When using discounted Qatar Airways UK tickets to travel to Doha, there are different regulations governing the corona test.

Here is a quick summary of them.

Fill in the PLF

First and foremost, visitors to Doha must complete and submit a Passenger Location Form (PLF) to the Doha embassy six months prior to their arrival.

Check which COVID certificate you have

You can possess one of three types of COVID-19 certificates:

  1. A certificate of immunisation against COVID-19 demonstrating your full immunisation against the disease. Additionally, the passengers must receive a booster shot; otherwise, the immunisation certificate's validity is indefinite.
  2. The recovery of a passenger from COVID-19 is documented by a recovery certificate against COVID-19. This recovery certificate can either be an analogous non-EU nation's recovery certificate or an EU digital COVID-19 certificate of recovery issued by any of the EU Member States.
  3. A test certificate is the result of a COVID-19 PCR test that was conducted and found to be negative before 72 hours of the traveller's arrival in Doha, or it might be the result of a RAT test that was completed and found to be negative 24 hours prior to the traveller's arrival.

Follow the travel measures:

Travelling from a very high-risk country inside of the EU or Schengen Area.

  • You do not require any testing or quarantine if you have a vaccination certificate.
  • If you don't have a current COVID-19 vaccination record, then
  • Get a PCR test before 72 hours of your arrival; if it is positive, quarantine yourself because travel is prohibited. When the test result is received and found to be negative, quarantine can be lifted.
  • Regardless of your previous test findings, another PCR test must be performed on the seventh day as well.
  • Only PCR testing, not RAT tests, is valid in a nation with a very high risk level.
  • In exceptional circumstances, testing and/or quarantine may not even be necessary.

Don't take extra luggage only take with you the important luggage because Qatar Airways baggage allowance is strict about baggage.

Travelling from a very high-risk country outside of the EU or Schengen Area

  • Except under exceptional circumstances, travellers from these nations are prohibited from entering the country.
  • Nevertheless, such travellers must:
  • Hold a negative PCR test outcome that was obtained no more than 72 hours before your arrival.
  • An affirmation of the unusual entry situation.
  • Even if the traveller has received all necessary vaccinations, there remains a 10-day quarantine requirement.

According to the most recent information, visitors to the nation are no longer required to meet any of the previous COVID-19 requirements. Simply put, there are no longer any COVID-19 travel limitations upon arrival or departure from Doha.